Personal shipments

What you need to know

Personal (casual) shipments are the ones imported not for commercial, industrial or institutional use.

Goods made in the NAFTA zone (the USA and Mexico) are exempt from duties. For goods manufactured in other countries, a duty must be paid if an item is dutiable according to the Canadian Customs Tariff.

Not all goods are dutiable, even if they were not made in the USA or Mexico. To find out whether your import is dutiable or not you can consult the following CBSA link for Canadian Customs Tariff.

Regardless of the country of origin Canada Customs require payment of GST (5%) and PST (according to a province) on the value of the goods. As a licensed Customs broker we are authorized by CBSA to collect all the taxes due to importation from our clients and remit the funds to the government.

What you need to do

Customs clearance by:

Dilas Intl Customs Brokers

phone 1-800-402-4762

fax 1-866-234-2611

Please note, that this service is intended only for goods shipped by a commercial carrier. You do not need a Customs broker if you are carrying the goods across the border yourself.

You are welcome to contact us if you need any clarification on the above information.

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