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Dilas International Customs Brokers are happy to announce that our new addition – Toronto office – has been recently licensed by CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) to operate at the Toronto. 

The office is located across the parking lot from Canada Customs exit into the Toronto at the following address:

Dilas International Customs Brokers in Toronto

57 Charles Street West, Suite 807
Toronto, ON
M5S 2X1
(for mailing cheques and financial documents)
Customs Broker Toronto


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Dilas International Customs Brokers is proud to serve its many customers located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA).

The GTA and the Toronto CMA are located in the Southern Ontario sub-region known as the Golden Horseshoe. The Golden Horseshoe lies at the western end of Lake Ontario with outer boundaries stretching south to Lake Erie and north to Georgian Bay.
Canada’s largest metropolitan area is also Canada’s busiest trade industry region. Toronto is home to many Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) offices that provide importers and exporters alike, with customs related services. To get a better idea of the trade related activities that occur on a weekly bases, let’s look at the profile of the Southern Ontario sub-region known as the Golden Horseshoe. We will examine in the paragraphs below, the import activities by all modes of transportation, including importations by mail.

Postal imports handled in Canada by Canada Post, are processed at the CBSA Mississauga International Mail Processing Centre.

A product that is shipped to Canada from an overseas sender by post, will be handled and delivered in Canada by the Canada Post. Canada’s national postal organization first sends all envelopes and parcels to one of the three (3) CBSA International Mail Processing Centres located within Canada (Vancouver, Toronto (Mississauga) or Montreal). CBSA Officers physically handle each postal shipment to examine the customs declaration (the must be affixed on the exterior of a parcel or envelope) to see if the contents are allowed into Canada, and to determine if any duties or taxes are applicable. Personal mail (envelopes and parcels) as well as commercial importations valued at less than $2500 CDN, are processed solely by the CBSA and Canada Post will collect the applicable duties and taxes upon delivery of the goods.

In the case of goods imported by commercial importers which are valued at $2,500 CDN or more, they are referred for further processing by the CBSA. An officer will send an arrival notice to the importer advising that a customs declaration must be presented by the importer or his agent.

Dilas Intl Customs Brokers can present customs declarations on behalf of importers at any of the three postal centres.

Cargo arriving by air carriers and air courier service providers is handled at the CBSA Lester B. Pearson International Airport Commercial Operations office in Toronto, ON (CBSA office number 497)

Air cargo companies as well as air couriers arrive in the Toronto area at the Lester B. Pearson International Airport, where the CBSA has an office and air shipments are customs cleared weekdays. Dilas Intl deals daily with companies such as Air Canada Cargo, KLM Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, DHL, FedEx, Purolator and UPS, etc. Dilas Intl always coordinates the submission of electronic PRE-ARRIVAL CUSTOMS RELEASE data and in other cases, post-arrival electronic customs releases with the air carrier of your choice.

CBSA office number 497 Import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at Toronto’s Pearson Intl Airport processed 94,057 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

Truck and rail cargo, and also commercial and personal vehicle imports from the USA are taken care of right at the border by the CBSA commercial operations office located at either Windsor, Sarnia, Fort Erie or Niagara Falls, ON.

Rail cargo arriving from the United States is released at the border or moved in-bond to an inland rail depot in the Toronto area. In one case or the other, commercial goods destined for Toronto and the neighbouring area, usually arrives (enters Canada) at the Windsor, ON or Sarnia, ON border crossings located on the Michigan-Ontario border. Dilas Intl works closely with the Canadian National Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway and other international rail carriers to obtain the customs release of imported rail cargo.

Truck cargo can also be customs cleared either at the CBSA First Point of Arrival (FPOA) or moved inland to a CBSA-registered warehouse, a customs bonded warehouse (CBW) or a Canadian foreign trade zone (FTZ).

Truck freight destined for the Golden Horseshoe area arriving from Eastern United States would enter at either the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, ON (CBSA office number 410) or the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (CBSA office number 427) both offices are located on the New York-Ontario border.

As for freight arriving from the Mid-west and Western United States, would most likely enter Canada at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, ON (CBSA office number 453) or the Blue Water Bridge in Point Edward (Sarnia), ON (CBSA office number 440).

CBSA office number 410 Import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Peace Bridge border crossing processed 77,493 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

CBSA office number 427 Import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Ambassador Bridge border crossing processed 151,074 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

CBSA office number 453 Import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge border crossing processed 48,759 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

CBSA office number 440 Import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Blue Water Bridge border crossing processed 117,457 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

Bonded freight processed at the CBSA licensed Interport Sufferance Warehouse in Mississauga, ON (CBSA office number 496)

Dilas can arrange for the customs clearance of goods located at any CBSA-registered warehouse, CBW or FTZ located in Canada, including cargo located at the TFI Transport 8 L.P.’s Interport Sufferance Warehouse facility located on Dixie Road in Mississauga, ON.

CBSA office number 496 import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Interport facility processed 5,104 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

Importations arriving in Canada through Toronto by ocean/marine carriers is processed by the CBSA Port of Toronto commercial operations office (CBSA office number 495)

One of Canada’s largest in-land ports, the port of Toronto is equipped to handle all kinds of marine cargo such as general cargo, bulk cargo, heavy lift/project cargo as well as containerized cargo. The port is also equipped to handle intermodal cargo and is served by both CN and CP Rail. The port also provides plenty of indoor storage space and yards all of which are customs bonded.

On average, 98% of the customs declarations for the imported freight arriving at the Port of Toronto is presented to the CBSA electronically via EDI by importers and licensed customs brokers such as Dilas Intl.

CBSA office number 495 import stats – The CBSA commercial operations office at the Toronto Commercial Operations processed 31,199 EDI release requests for the Month of September, 2013.

International Trade (import) statistics for the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) & Greater Toronto Area.

Dilas International Customs Brokers is proud to be part of Toronto’s thriving international logistics success and import and export activities. Here is a look at the 2011 import stats for the Toronto Metropolitan Area and the Greater Toronto Area: In all, importers in the Toronto CMA & GTA imported a little bit more than an incredible $132.5 Billion dollars’ worth of goods in 2011. Here is a breakdown of $ Values of imports per community in the Toronto CMA and GTA: Mississauga – $46.2 Billion, Toronto – $45.6 Billion, Brampton – $19.5 Billion, Concord (Vaughan) – $5.2 Billion, Richmond Hill – $4.4 Billion, Oakville – $3.1 Billion, Newmarket – $1.7 Billion, Woodbridge (Vaughan) – $1.5 Billion, Whitby – $919.5 Million, Ajax – $629.9 Million, Thornhill (Vaughan) – $601 Million, Pickering – $519.7 Million, Aurora – $508 Million, Vaughan – $461.3 Million, Milton – $454.6 Million, Bolton (Caledon) – $405.5 Million, Orangeville – $233.7 Million, Georgetown (Halton Hills) – $211.5 Million, Bradford West Gwillimbury – $182.7 Million, Maple (Vaughan) – $68.3 Million, Markham – $52.4 Million, Uxbridge – $42.1 Million, Caledon – $41.4 Million, Bowmanville (Clarington) – $24.8 Million, King – $8.8 Million, Port Perry (Scugog) – $8.5 Million and Sunderland (Brock) – $496,194 Thousand dollars.

In Toronto Dilas Int Customs Brokers relies on our trusted shipping associate with offices at
57 Charles Street West, Suite 807, Toronto, ON, M5S 2X1, CA, or you can always get in touch with us at (416) 850-5679 for more details!


As the numbers above indicate, import activities in the GTA and CMA are alive and well. Is your business part of this amazing industry? If not, are you or will you consider importing in the near future? If so, look no further for support, Dilas Intl Customs Brokers has all the knowledge and tools that you need to successfully start importing.

As a Canadian Customs broker we will assist you in determining whether the goods you intend to import are eligible for duty free treatment under certain trade concessions or agreements signed by the Government of Canada. We will also investigate if the goods are subject to any restrictions or other government department/agency requirements. Finally, we will take care of all the mandatory customs reporting and declaration requirements on your behalf.