If you intend to ship regular repetitive shipments to Canada, and wish to act as an importer of record, you are required to register as a Non-Resident Importer with Revenue Canada.

What is a Non Resident Importer?

A Non Resident Importer (NRI) is simply a company that will be considered the importer of record for shipments going into Canada, even though the company is not physically located in Canada. As an NRI you will relieve your Canadian customers of the responsibilities of importation and you will be able to provide them with one landed price to their door, as if they were purchasing locally from you, by including the duty, tax, brokerage fee and shipping cost on your invoice to them.

Benefits of a Non Resident Importer (NRI)

The NRI Program lets you stay in complete control and virtually eliminates the border for your current and prospective Canadian customers.

To decide whether the program is for you, check the Responsibilities of a Non-Resident Importer (NRI).

To see what is required to become and NRI go to NRI registration process.