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Dilas International “Helping Global Businesses Connect With Canadian Communities and Canadian Businesses Connect With Global Communities”

“By Promoting, Explaining and Assisting in the Day-to-Day Operations of the Canadian Foreign Trade Zone Program”

Canada’s Foreign Trade Zone Program is a Duty Deferral Program (Inward Processing Program) composed of many sub-programs that was created in parallel with the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1996. The United States (Foreign-Trade Zones) and Mexico (Maquiladoras) have similar Duty Deferral Programs as well. The Canadian FTZ program was updated in 2001 and again in 2013.

NAFTA Definition of Duty Deferral

Duty deferral program includes measures such as those governing foreign trade zones, temporary importations under bond, bonded warehouses, “maquiladoras” and inward processing programs.

Duty Free Imports into Canada and the Application and Approval Process

The many sub programs that allow for duty free or duty deferred importation of certain goods, are accessible to qualified Canadian and International businesses who wish to import goods into Canada on a temporary basis for re-export, or import them on permanent basis.

The Customs and Trade Advisors at Dilas International Customs Brokers can help businesses determine which programs are the most beneficial for importers. Our Advisors can also provide some assistance in comparing Canada’s FTZ program with those of the United States and Mexico. Once the programs have been identified and decisions have been made to apply to receive the privileges and benefits of participating in these programs, Dilas International will assist importers in completing all the necessary requirements and paperwork and submit them to the Government of Canada. (And Revenu Québec, in the case of businesses who wish to do business in Québec).

Day-to-day operations of Foreign Trade Zone/Duty Deferral Approved Participants

Dilas International will then provide assistance and services in order to help the successful applicants operate within a Foreign Trade Zone environment on a daily basis. Services may include the submission of eManifest Advance Trade Data (ATD), warehouse entries - Form B3-3 (Type 10, 13, 20, 21, 22 and 30), Drawback Claims - Form K32, Certificates of Sale or Transfer - Forms K32A or K32B, Duties Relief monthly reports & Form B2-1, Form B3-3 Type C or AB in the case of importations under the dairy and food products IREP program, Form E29B Temporary Admission Permit in the case of importations for trade shows, conventions, etc.

The Canadian Foreign Trade Zone Program and Local Economic Development Organizations

Dilas International Customs Brokers is Canada’s first Customs Brokerage firm to offer municipal, provincial and federal government officials and organizations, assistance with the implementation and marketing of Foreign Trade Zones in designated transportation & logistics areas across Canada. As a subject matter expert, Dilas International can be an active and valuable member of any local economic development team that wishes to attract foreign investment in manufacturing, processing and distribution hubs.

Yes, Dilas International can truly help “Global Businesses connect with Canadian communities”

Here is a publication that explains some of the benefits of the Canadian Foreign Trade Zone Program:

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