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Vehicle importation

What we do for you

  • Submit a 72 hour notice to US Customs (50.00 extra fee);
  • Prepare Customs release package including RIV form 1;
  • Coordinate border crossing with the carrier;
  • Remit duties & taxes to Canada Customs;
  • Provide you Customs accounting documents.

Vehicle importation fees calculator

Type of vehicle
Made in
Air conditioning
Purchase price
Manufacture year
Your province
Payment option

What you need to do

Please use our vehicle importation fees calculator.
Duty & tax table
 Duty, %Air Conditioning Excise, CADFuel-Inefficient Vehicles Excise, CADGST, %
All vehicles made in North America0100.00From 1,000.00 to 4,000.00.
For the exact amount see Excise Tax on Fuel-Inefficient Vehicles
and Fuel consumption ratings by Natural Resources Canada
Cars, trucks, motorhomes made
outside of North America
Travel trailers made
outside of North America
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