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The questions from Customs brokers in the province of Alberta arise regrading the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Agreement, namely what are be the advantages for Alberta’s importers and exporters with Canada concluding the Agreement.

Here are some of the main points:

– Alberta’s manufactures will gain market access free of duty for the majority of industrial goods, comprising of metals, minerals, chemicals, plastics and industrial machinery;
– Alberta’s farmers will get a duty-free market access for most agricultural and agri-food products, namely canola oil, feed wheat, feed barley, dog and cat food, also enhanced market access for wheat, beef, pork, malt, and barley;
– Alberta’s forestry industry will have a duty-free market access for forestry products: lumber, oriented strand board and newsprint;
– skilled Albertan business persons will get improved market access commitments for temporary entry;
– Alberta’s investors will have more transparent and predictable access for services suppliers in professional and construction sectors and predictable, non-discriminatory rules;
– Both importers and exporters will profit from strong provisions on non-tariff measures, supported by expeditious and effective dispute settlement provisions.

Dilas as a licensed Canadian Customs broker is is ready to help with the importations from the TPP countries.

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