We are a CBSA licensed Customs Broker

Dilas International is a flexible independent Customs brokerage company and can deliver a personalized service matching the unique requirements of the importing community.

Being a licensed Customs broker with a national bond posted with the CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) we take care of Customs clearance nationwide at all Canadian Customs offices using such EDI tools of the CBSA as Accelerated Commercial Release Operational Support System (ACROSS) including Pre-Authorized Review System (PARS) and Release on Minimum Documentation (RMD) options, and Customs Automated Data Exchange (CADEX). Dilas International is a proud corporate member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.

We guarantee to our clients electronic submission of a Customs entry to the CBSA within an hour of receiving a complete set of documents for an import shipment by fax or e-mail.

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Do I need to hire a Customs broker or can I clear the goods myself?

You can handle the Customs clearance yourself if you have the time and resources to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Please try to keep the following factors in mind when you are deciding whether or not it is worth it to contact a Customs broker for assistance. 

Make sure you have accounted for all applicable Customs tariffs, tariff treatments, and any other Governmental requirements. You will also need to understand everything that is required to be compliant with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) regulations.

If you decided to hire a Customs broker, you won’t have to worry about filling out all of the necessary CBSA forms. You also won’t need to drive to the warehouse facility where the goods are awaiting clearance, bring the documentation to the Customs’ office, and wait for the shipment to be processed. 

A professional Customs broker will work with their established contacts to ensure guidelines are followed and the goods have the necessary certification to legally obtain the lowest duty rate possible. Customs brokerage fees are usually only a fraction of the importing cost, and paying them will save a significant amount of time and frustration.

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