We are a CBSA licensed Customs Broker

Dilas International is a flexible independent Customs brokerage company and can deliver a personalized service matching the unique requirements of the importing community.

Being a licensed Customs broker with a national bond posted with the CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) we take care of Customs clearance nationwide at all Canadian Customs offices using such EDI tools of the CBSA as Accelerated Commercial Release Operational Support System (ACROSS) including Pre-Authorized Review System (PARS) and Release on Minimum Documentation (RMD) options, and Customs Automated Data Exchange (CADEX). Dilas International is a proud corporate member of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.

We guarantee to our clients electronic submission of a Customs entry to the CBSA within an hour of receiving a complete set of documents for an import shipment by fax or e-mail.

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We import from China. Is there a reduction in duty rate as China is a developing country?

Yes, for some of the goods there is a GPT (General Preferential Tariff) duty rate with is lower than a regular rate. To claim a GPT tariff treatment an importer or a Customs broker must have one of the two of the following documents on file:

Certificate of origin form A
Exporter's Statement of origin

The Exporter's Statement of origin form can be downloaded from our documents page here: http://www.dilas.ca/documents.php

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Canadian Customs border officers waive duties for cross-border shoppers

2014-03-24 20:05:33

Customs brokers did not fail to notice that, according to a resent report, Canadian Customs border inspectors usually waive duties and taxes on items imported travellers from the States.

Retailers are worried that the Canada Border Services Agency is giving  too much slack to the Canadian...

Customs notice CN 14-005 Harmonized System Codes for Export Declarations

2014-03-17 16:08:42

Dilas as a Canadian Customs broker deems it necessary to attract attention to the industry members to the below Customs notice regarding the export reporting of the correct HS codes.

1. This notice is reminding exporters (or Customs broker on Exporter's behalf) that they must correctly report...

Tripartite seminar between US, Canadian and Mexican Customs Agencies

2014-03-10 17:57:01

Mexican, US and Canadian Customs authorities are making progress harmonizing border management policies and procedures, and this has led US Customs to introduce a tripartite seminar, modeled on Customs popular Trade Symposium, to keep  Customs brokers and freight specialists aware regarding their...

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